Via Silvio Luschi, Pisa

Type: Stanza privata (18 ㎡) nel Appartamenti
Prezzo €350
A disposizione 08-05-2024
indirizzo Via Silvio Luschi
proprietà della casa/td> 95 m²
Codice Postale 56124
città Pisa

UTILITY COSTS: Due to constant increases in energy costs, the property reserves the right to adjust utility prices based on market conditions. SINGLE ROOM RENT with private bathroom: Monthly Rent: EUR350 Additional utility fee: EUR110, covering cold and hot water, electricity, gas, heating, internet, and condominium fees. This amount is due upon arrival. APARTMENT: Big room on the ground floor with a private bathroom in an apartment with a garden, 4 bedrooms, bathroom, and kitchen. Furniture mainly composed of antiques. Located 700m from the historical center, in front of the Faculty of Agriculture. RENTAL AND FINANCIAL CONDITIONS: Upon arrival, you will receive the keys, and we will document the room...

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Via Silvio Luschi